ArtStories 2017 Art Workshop Catalogue

Hello everyone!

This is ArtStories workshop catalogue that explains what each workshop is about and the pricing for each of the different workshops we can teach! This is a growing collection of our workshops and I will updated every month with new workshops so do keep a look out for our programmes. If you have a workshop in mind, ArtStories will be able to create the new workshop to your needs.

Please download the pdf file the individual workshops and feel free to ask me any questions should you or your company may have. You may contact me at  & +6597569247.

2017 BookBinding JacquelynSoo

2017 BrushLetterWriting JacquelynSoo

2017 Canvas Painting(maskingtape)JacquelynSoo

2017 Canvas Painting(onthinboard) JacquelynSoo

2017 Canvas Tote Bag Painting – JacquelynSoo

2017 ChineseInkPainting JacquelynSoo

2017 ChinesePaper Cut JacquelynSoo

2017 Coffee (liquid&powder) JacquelynSoo

2017 Coffee Liquid Art JacquelynSoo

2017 Decoupage Art JacquelynSoo

2017 DreamCatcher JacquelynSoo

2017 InstrumentMaking JacquelynSoo

2017 Mandala Art JacquelynSoo

2017 MeltedCrayonPainting JacquelynSoo

2017 Paper Quiling JacquelynSoo

2017 Printmaking Art Workshop JacquelynSoo

2017 StainedGlass JacquelynSoo

2017 StringArt JacquelynSoo

2017 Tie Dye Art JacquelynSoo

2017 TilePainting JacquelynSoo

2017 Upcycle Art Workshop JacquelynSoo

2017 WinePainting JacquelynSoo

2017 WoodBurning JacquelynSoo





Origami Paper Folding with Hermès

7th, 8th and 14th Oct – ArtStories was invited by Hermès Singapore to share the art of paper-folding as part of the THROUGH THE WALLS installation at Hermès Liat Towers, featuring the Hermès home collection.

Artists Jacquelyn Soo and Fashion Designer Kaehana conducted origami workshops for enthusiastic guests, using the newly launched Hermès origami paper with fun graphic prints.

Below are photos of the paper folding origami workshops made by the participants; Windmill, gift boxes, stationery holder and X’mas trees!

Mid-Autumn Mooncake Art Workshop

4 Oct 2017 – Moon, legend, goddess and a rabbit. What has these have to do with the mid-autumn festival held on the 15th day of every 8th lunar month in the Chinese calendar.

Mooncake Festival is a time for family reunion, gathering and giving thanks to the harvest and offerings of the year. This traditional custom is practiced largely by Chinese, Korean and Vietnamese people. The legend of Chang’e and how she flew to the moon still intrigued many people or today as the invention of Mooncakes was created from the story of the legend.

As an art workshop, we created clay mooncakes and attached a small magnet behind so we can be reminded of good harvesting and offerings whenever we open our fridge door to indulge our bellies. Participants created and mixed various colours of clay and pressed onto the mooncake moulds to reveal intricate chinese patterns and motifs.

Happy Mooncake Festival!

Jacquelyn’s Booth at PA Marketplace of Courses

27 Sept – I was invited by People’s Association to set up a booth to showcase my workshops that are approved and registered to be conducted at all Community Centres in Singapore.

I was asked to have a live demonstration of Brush Lettering as it is one of my popular workshops.

Many came to my booth and asked many questions about my workshops. I was happy to receive them and each of them returned home with a free brush lettering artwork sample, some fancy cards and a flyer of details about my 11 workshops.

I could not snap more pictures as my hands, mouth and feet were running on speed mode from 4pm – 9pm when the event ended.

Thankful for all who came to spoke with me and allowed me to take their photos from the event.

Hope you would be able to conduct me soon with regards to workshop placings in your CCs/Rcs.


Brush Lettering Workshop at Anchorvale CC

25 September – I will be conducting a Brush Lettering workshop with Anchorvale CC on 7th Oct, Sat, 130pm – 3pm.

If you are living nearby the area and is a PassionCard Holder, you will be entitled to further discount from the workshop fee!

During the class, you will get to learn some of the more popular and interesting font styles and watercolour techniques to create your own handwritten personalised cards as gifts for loved ones!

You will also get to bring home some brushes, some watercolour papers, reference font type practice sheets for you to kickstart this new hobby. Do contact the CC for registration and sign up now!



Eco Film Festival Singapore + Art & Craft

1st Sept 2017 – ArtStories and Jacquelyn Soo were invited to conduct a children’s art & craft workshop about Marine Animals in conjunction with two film screenings organised by Eco Film Festival Singapore.

I was inspired by the two films; Sonic Sea (sound pollution in the ocean affecting whales) and Chasing Corals (bleaching and pollution of coral reefs) to create three art & craft artworks for the little ones.

We created a talking whale using cloth pegs, a cute paper bag whale and the viewing hole of the ocean and coral reefs with fishes using paper plates.

In the process of the workshop, I also talked about the dangers of sound pollution that will affect the communication of whales and also gave general facts about corals as an animal rather than a plant or rock etc.

The children and adults had learnt a thing or two in the workshop about marine life animals and how they can also play a part to recycle everyday materials such as cloth pegs, paper plates, paper bags and turn them into crafty items for their home or for entertaining the children.

Much thanks to Eco Film Festival Singapore Team for the collaboration and hope we can create a bigger installation/community piece the next round!

Brush Lettering Workshop

22 August 2017 – A group of participants took up a one session workshop on Brush Lettering where I taught mainly on watercolour and modern brush calligraphy art.

Unlike traditional calligraphy art where we would use pens or brush markers, we use watercolour brushes and pen markers to create our piece.

Brush Lettering Workshop does require at least two sessions to enable participant to grasp the understanding of writing text, fonts and use of watercolour. In the one session, I also got the students to practice on A4 paper some fonts in pencil and in brush.

Despite just one session, I am proud of the students with great outcome of their very first time trying Brush Lettering.


Upcycle Workshop for Adults!

17 August 2017 – On a rainy Thursday afternoon, a small group of adult lecturers attended my upcycle workshop where we learnt to turn old t-shirts into totebags and turned old CD roms and plates into a decorative item for the house. Some of the participants brought their old t-shirts so that was a big effort in wanted to recycle and reuse their items. I also taught them how to make jewellery from the straps of the t-shirts.

There were not many photos taken in this workshop as many were rushing off for other work during the 1.5hours workshop.