ArtStories 2017 Art Workshop Catalogue

Hello everyone!

This is ArtStories workshop catalogue that explains what each workshop is about and the pricing for each of the different workshops we can teach! This is a growing collection of our workshops and I will updated every month with new workshops so do keep a look out for our programmes. If you have a workshop in mind, ArtStories will be able to create the new workshop to your needs.

Please download the pdf file the individual workshops and feel free to ask me any questions should you or your company may have. You may contact me at  & +6597569247.

2017 BookBinding JacquelynSoo

2017 BrushLetterWriting JacquelynSoo

2017 Canvas Painting(maskingtape)JacquelynSoo

2017 Canvas Painting(onthinboard) JacquelynSoo

2017 Canvas Tote Bag Painting – JacquelynSoo

2017 ChineseInkPainting JacquelynSoo

2017 ChinesePaper Cut JacquelynSoo

2017 Coffee (liquid&powder) JacquelynSoo

2017 Coffee Liquid Art JacquelynSoo

2017 Decoupage Art JacquelynSoo

2017 DreamCatcher JacquelynSoo

2017 InstrumentMaking JacquelynSoo

2017 Mandala Art JacquelynSoo

2017 MeltedCrayonPainting JacquelynSoo

2017 Paper Quiling JacquelynSoo

2017 Printmaking Art Workshop JacquelynSoo

2017 StainedGlass JacquelynSoo

2017 StringArt JacquelynSoo

2017 Tie Dye Art JacquelynSoo

2017 TilePainting JacquelynSoo

2017 Upcycle Art Workshop JacquelynSoo

2017 WinePainting JacquelynSoo

2017 WoodBurning JacquelynSoo




Upcycle Workshop for Adults!

17 August 2017 – On a rainy Thursday afternoon, a small group of adult lecturers attended my upcycle workshop where we learnt to turn old t-shirts into totebags and turned old CD roms and plates into a decorative item for the house. Some of the participants brought their old t-shirts so that was a big effort in wanted to recycle and reuse their items. I also taught them how to make jewellery from the straps of the t-shirts.

There were not many photos taken in this workshop as many were rushing off for other work during the 1.5hours workshop.

DIY Mandala Bookmarks

6 August 2017 – ArtStories were part of Changi Simei CC PassionArts Festival with our art & craft workshop. This time we made mandala bookmarks out of wooden pieces for little children so they may use it for their books! We know Singaporeans do not enjoy reading or have a strong culture of reading, by creating a DIY bookmark craft activity, we do hope in small ways, the reading culture can be brought back.

Little ones with their pieces of wooden bookmarks.

Islamic Art, Indian Festivities

30 July – PassionArt for Bedok CC kickstarted the day with community groups playing the ukulele to popular folk songs and dancers by the bhangra and indian communities.

ArtStories had three craft booths to showcase a diverse range of arts from the Malay and Indian communities. Tanty was leading the booth to teach ketupat making using ribbons to a group of enthusiastic aunties who were keen to learn how to make rice dumplings the malay way.

Anne was surrounded by a group of young children who were keen to paint intricate Islamic Art motifs  on wooden boards while Jacquelyn was kept occupied with group of young children and adults who wanted to create shiny elephant puppets associated with the Hinduism religion. The elephant is a scared and highly respected animal in India and various countries in Southeast Asia. It is said to be sometimes revered as deities, often symbolising strength and wisdom.

The day ended with happy faces and smiles learning the various crafts of our Malay and Indian communities.


Mandala Art in the Heartland

22 July – Mandala Art workshop appears in Bedok Mall for PassionArt festival drawing over 100 people to our booth as they express interest to learn what Mandala means and how to colour using textures and lines. Both elderly and young approached our tables and sat down with smiley faces and at the end of 30 mins, completed their artwork with calmness and serenity in their hearts. Many of the people whom we engaged with tells us that they think art is used to keep them calm, to relax their minds after a long tiring week of working non-stop.

Haddrell’s Honey Bottle Sculpture

20 July – ArtStories artists Jacquelyn Soo and Marla Bendini created a sculptural piece using an estimate of 600 bottles for the launch of Haddrell’s Honey. The sculpture was created in roughly 3 days and touching up on the event day due to a mishap of fallen bottles but we had managed to pull through and reshaped the piece to the final outcome.

Here are the photos!

Mandala Art with Sembawang CC

16 July – A mandala (Sanskrit: मण्डल, lit, circle) is a spiritual and ritual symbol in Hinduism and Buddhism, representing the universe. In common use, “mandala” has become a generic term for any diagram, chart or geometric pattern that represents the cosmos metaphysically or symbolically; a microcosm of the universe. – wikipedia

Artists Marla Bendini and Pooja Kanade took to the drawing table with participations living in Woodlands area to design and colour in their own Mandala Art work.

Here are the happy smiles!