ArtStories 2017 Art Workshop Catalogue

Hello everyone!

This is ArtStories workshop catalogue that explains what each workshop is about and the pricing for each of the different workshops we can teach! This is a growing collection of our workshops and I will updated every month with new workshops so do keep a look out for our programmes. If you have a workshop in mind, ArtStories will be able to create the new workshop to your needs.

Please download the pdf file the individual workshops and feel free to ask me any questions should you or your company may have. You may contact me at  & +6597569247.

2017 BookBinding JacquelynSoo

2017 BrushLetterWriting JacquelynSoo

2017 Canvas Painting(maskingtape)JacquelynSoo

2017 Canvas Painting(onthinboard) JacquelynSoo

2017 Canvas Tote Bag Painting – JacquelynSoo

2017 ChineseInkPainting JacquelynSoo

2017 ChinesePaper Cut JacquelynSoo

2017 Coffee (liquid&powder) JacquelynSoo

2017 Coffee Liquid Art JacquelynSoo

2017 Decoupage Art JacquelynSoo

2017 DreamCatcher JacquelynSoo

2017 InstrumentMaking JacquelynSoo

2017 Mandala Art JacquelynSoo

2017 MeltedCrayonPainting JacquelynSoo

2017 Paper Quiling JacquelynSoo

2017 Printmaking Art Workshop JacquelynSoo

2017 StainedGlass JacquelynSoo

2017 StringArt JacquelynSoo

2017 Tie Dye Art JacquelynSoo

2017 TilePainting JacquelynSoo

2017 Upcycle Art Workshop JacquelynSoo

2017 WinePainting JacquelynSoo

2017 WoodBurning JacquelynSoo




Tile Painting with Hougang RC Zone 5

23 April – ArtStories with Hougang RC Zone 5 working on tile painting workshop with lovely residents of all ages, both young and old, families and adults.

Gerald Tay and I spent 2 hours at the RC getting to know the familiar faces that frequent the RC and spent time teaching the residents how to paint and draw. There are just simply a large number of people who loves the arts but have not the chance to try their hands on creating art. We are very much thankful to Hougang CC for engaging us in several of their activities so as we are able to spread our love and passion to all.

String Art & Paper Cut Workshop for Ngee Ann Polytechnic

3 April – ArtStories held a workshop at Lien Ying Chow Library of Ngee Ann Polytechnic to 35 staff members.

We taught the participants 2 different art & craft work: String Art & Paper Cutting.

Many of the participants was the first time in using hammer and nails for the string art and first time to try paper folding and cutting.

The more workshops I conduct, the more I discover hidden talents in so many of us!


Tote Bag Painting with residents from Florida Condo

1st April – Happy April Fool’s Day!

ArtStories kickstarted the new month with a tote bag painting activity with residents from Florida Condo, Hougang. Gerald Tay and I helped over 50 participants to create their own DIY tote bag designs using acrylic paints and a plain cotton tote bag.

It is very encouraging to have good responses to art activities in Singapore where new families and parents are supportive and positive towards the learning and making of art. It is equally important that as Singaporean Artists and ArtStories continue to reach out to citizens and families to increase appreciation and interest in Art to dismiss the stigmas of Art as a poor and useless skill/tool to have.

Below are pictures of the activity.

Coffee Art Mania!

29 March & 31 March – Two aroma-filled days of Coffee Art Workshop with lovely group of employees from Bukit Batok East CC created amazing results and inspiration for exploring their creativity and interest!

We were very much tempted to drink the coffee which we had brewed for the workshop but we stayed focus to complete a simple illustrative artwork in 1.5hours.

Coffee Lovers, do not hesitate to sign up/make inquiries for this workshop and we can discuss about the type of coffee you like!

Many thanks to the lovely team at Bukit Batok East CC.

Tie Dye Workshop for Elderly – 1 & 2 Sessions

27 March & 30 March – Here I am at Hougang CC to conduct a tie-dye workshop for the same group of lovely elderly. They fuss and fumble about the techniques and colour and some of them even added more dyes than required but I hope the experience they had during the 1.5hours class was enjoyable.

We are unable to see their final outcome as the cloth would need to be dried before removing the rubber bands etc. I think some of them may bring it to show me the next time I am at the CC. I will be at a different venue

for the 2nd session of Tie & Dye.

Felt Hairclips, Cloth Peg Airplane and Paper Basket Craft

26 March – Woo hoo! I was called to help out with 3 craft booths at blk 57, New Upper Changi Road which is the market nearest to my house! I am happy to always serve my community in the Bedok area and equally delighted to share simple art & craft to Singaporeans!

Anne and Tanty helped out in the craft booths as we guided and chatted with everyone from all ages and races. We are always happy to keep inspiring and encouraging others to create art and craft on their own!

Here are happy pictures of the participants and they craft they did.

Elderly Art – Chinese Ink Painting

22 March – I am always happy to surround myself with the elderly. I enjoy talking and teaching the elderly and also helping them to push their imagination and creativity through art.

This lovely group of elderly from Hougang laughed at my jokes and laughed at each other for drawing a bird, rooster, bamboo, flowers etc. They are very kind to each another and very helpful to me as well. I was inspired by this group as they bring out the innocence and playfulness in their drawings. Their little drawings using Chinese Ink Brush and Japanese Rice Paper reveal about their characters and personalities. I have seen that they could be loud and bold, cautious and careful, sweet and elegant. Art really brings out one’s character and by doing so, we are actually putting ourselves in a vulnerable state. Kudos to the lovely elderly for braving this world and challenging themselves!!!

I too would like to sit down and draw and express myself as well but as a teacher, I have to put my students before my needs. I am also embarrassed whenever the elderly calls me ‘Lao Shi’ (teacher) when I am 20 – 40 years younger than them!

I look forward to seeing this group again in the coming Monday, Wed and in April to continue our Elderly workshops.